And so it begins .....


During the pandemic I was looking for something to lift my mood. Not being able to go out, to shop or meet family/friends. It drove me crazy. I know You were right there with me. Lost in the “Box”, Your home. I began to journal and doodle in my books. I created a few drawings and got requests for a t-shirt. First came the ideas, then the prints, the press & t-shirts and Rose’s Colored Designs was born. 

My designs went from cute to Mood-lifting. Mood-lifting t-shirts are not just mood-lifting but also Empowering and Expressive. As You put on a t-shirt feel Your mood will change. Smile as You glance in the mirror.

As I am writing this I am so happy to know my designs have changed many days for You and All who see them - from Crazy to Relaxed, from Tiring to Peaceful, from Impossible to Conquered.

I can’t tell you how excited I get every time y’all share with me a photo of You in your tee or tell how a T-shirt has changed your day. Thank you!! Thank you!! You are all the best and I looking forward to helping You conquer your chaos, one T-shirt as a time. 

Grab something here and lets help conquer more days of chaos. 

- Rosemary 🌹

PS We offer the softest comfy t-shirt, sweatshirts & hoodies. From Design to Print to Press to Ship to Your door, all is done in house. All is done with You in mind - To help You on those tough days.