5 Advantages of Buying Pillow Covers vs. Buying New Throw Pillows

5 Advantages of Buying Pillow Covers vs. Buying New Throw Pillows

If you're getting ready to redecorate, you may wonder how to go about buying pillow covers, how to wash and store them, or how they fit in with your home décor. You may have even had the thought "Are pillows bad?" Of course they aren't bad, we spend nearly a third of our lives sleeping on them, leaning on them, even using them as lumbar support! However, there are some advantages of buying pillow covers vs. buying new throw pillows, and we'll outline them here.

Are Pillow Covers Expensive?​​

Pillow covers are more budget-friendly. Buying a cover for your throw pillows will end up costing only a fraction of what it would to replace pillows. We offer a number of pillow covers under $20.

Do Pillow Covers Impact the Environment?​

Pillow covers are better for the environment. Using throw pillow covers minimizes the amount of waste thrown out by reusing the pillow inserts or by covering the pillows you already have.

Are Pillow Covers Easy to Store?​

Yes, pillow covers are very easy to store! Unlike pillows, which require a case, bucket, or vacuum packing to preserve space, throw pillow covers can be conveniently stored in a closet or drawer without taking up much room at all.

Are Pillow Covers Easy to Wash?​

Yes, very! Just slip the cover off the pillow and throw it in the washer with like colors. No need to spot clean. Hang to dry. Iron if needed. Note: washing an entire pillow may cause lumping of the filling. ​

How Do Pillow Covers Impact My Home Décor?​

Pillow covers allow you to make a quick and easy change to your décor – changing one new cover, solid or print, will change a room style in minutes. Changing your décor will change your look at the day, your life and lift your spirits. ​​

Where to Buy Decorative Pillow Covers?​

While you have many options both in-store and online to buy decorative pillow covers, we're excited to share with you our great collection and hope that you will find something here that is just the right fit for you. Please have a look around our full collection of decorative pillow covers and if you find something that you love, we're ready to ship it to you!

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