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Meet Us at Rose Colored Glasses LI

Hi! My name is Rosemary. Rose Colored Glasses LI was born with the help of my hubby, Nat. We have 2 grown children and are hoping for grandkids one day. 

We started this business to help people beautify their home for just a few dollars. I have been playing with various decorating ideas over the past year. Being restricted due to Covid-19 this past year, I have been looking for ways to freshen up my home with little or [better yet] no money out of pocket.  I have tried several ideas from how to make the couch anew, which colors work best to have the cozy look, the fun look or the come-on-in look.  I have decorated with the elegant look in my bedroom and the whimsical look in the office.  If you stick with me I will let you in on my decorating tips that cost me very little to nothing. What worked for me and what didn’t go so well. 

See you next time,


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