Room Redecoration on a Budget

Room Redecoration on a Budget

kitchen with sitting window and throw pillows

Spring, summer, family get togethers, BBQs - what do all these things have in common? We need to spruce up the house in a hurry. Here are some quick tips ro room redecoration on a budget:

Living Room Redcoration

In the living room, the sofa looks a little blah, the pillows tired and there’s a blanket thrown aside. Why not use that blanket to create a new look on your sofa? Use it to cover the back pillows, if possible, to give it some texture or cover the seat cushions to give it some depth. Need to cover the entire sofa? Why not use a larger blanket, sheet, duvet cover, or thin comforter. Use something you own to change the look, no need to buy anything. Now that the sofa looks better let’s talk pillows. Are some old, worn, tired? Why not give them new life with one of our throw pillow covers? At Rose Colored Glasses LI we carry a line of colorful solid covers, some fun prints and some floral throw pillow covers. Mix and match our covers or mix with some of your own pillows. Place a tray, book, or some greenery/flowers on a coffee table or stool to complete the look. Now your living room has a fresh, new look and is even more inviting.


Kitchen Redecoration

In the kitchen, put away anything that does not scream spring/summer. I know this may sounds silly because it’s the kitchen, but we forget we have things we set out in winter that we don’t necessarily use in spring or summer. Have a utensil canister on the counter? Change it up with a vase. Using a clear glass vase add a ribbon to finish the look. Set out a spring or summer designed dish or platter on a plate or picture stand. This will set the theme for you and will always be ready to use when you need it. Place a bright colored or printed tablecloth (or runner) on your table and you’re done. Perfect!


Bathrooom Redecoration

In the bathroom (no one thinks of this room), continue your spring/summer theme with little changes. Place a colorful towel on the rack or on the counter for drying hands. Place a colorful throw rug on the floor. Add a diffuser with floral scent, or whichever scent you prefer, to allow guests to think of the outdoors.
I know trying to do all this in a pinch is hard sometimes, but at Rose Colored Glasses LI we are here to help. Our pillows covers were picked with you in mind. You may order them at any time, even in your PJs, and they are delivered right to your door.


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